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Story behind Beograd.com has begun in 1995 when it was put in operation for the first time. At the time it was envisaged as a news portal promoting business and tourism in former Yugoslavia intended for ex-pats, tourists, and other people who were in any way interested to learn more about the country and keep updated on latest developments. We provided news about former Yugoslavia, with live news reports, comment and analysis, as well as the links to other media, non-profit, and business sites in or about the country. Several years later, in 1999 to be more precise, the war broke out and Beograd.com set up a war news page that had soon developed into a large undertaking. We had provided up-to-the-minute news of NATO bombing in Serbia, supported with photographic and sound material. Due to the NATO bombing the power was cut in Belgrade, but we acquired a generator and kept reporting the news uninterruptedly. Beograd.com was the first to report many stories that were shared by majority of the mainstream media (AP, BBC, CNN, Reuters, Sky, etc.) and, as the most visited site about former Yugoslavia, it had about 1.6 million hits per month, 40.000 visitors from individual IPs per day from over 100 countries. Today Beograd.com has a different form of news broadcasting. We have embraced social media sources like Instagram, Twitter, Flicker and Facebook to provide our online community with active around-the-clock feeds of events, lifestyle and people in Belgrade and Serbia. Also, by streaming content with particular hash tags, our goal is to inspire the community to have an interactive role in creating and sharing the news, to take on different roles of social engagement on Internet. Beograd.com does not support or endorse any political party, movement or ideology. It excludes attacks against any ethnic, religious and racial groups; calls for or endorsement of any illegal activity or practice; and graphic sex and violence except where part of a news feed. Beograd.com is supported from the contributions by its visitors and from advertising. Beograd.com is owned and operated by Exuco Inc. under the laws of Ontario and Canada.

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