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At the same time, developing with the surroundings it came from, the School made an enormous contribution to the common culture of the country. Among the eminent authors whose names are connected to the school and who worked as the headmasters and teachers, the distinguished places belong to Petar Krstic, Miloje Milojevic, Stevan Hristic, Josip Slavenski and many others.

Exquisite solo performers and authors who came from the Music school MOKRANJAC developed an international career. Among them are the cellist Ksenija Jankovic, pianists Ivo Pogorelic and Ivan Tasovac, violist Vesna Stankovic, opera singer Milena Kitic, composers Ivan Jevtic, Zoran Eric and many others.


Scan1.jpg (9247 bytes) Petar Krstic

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